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adult cat suckling - Suckling cock

May 06,  · Based on responses, the conclusions were that cats who suckle as adults most likely were separated from their mothers and siblings at 8 weeks old or younger. It also concluded that most of these cats suckled throughout their lives, though some of the cats suckled less frequently as they aged. Stressors include sudden changes, new pets and neighborhood cats.” Other events like too many pets in the home or the sudden absence of a family member (such as through divorce or a young adult.

Sep 24,  · A suckling adult cat tends to get more attention and many regards it as abnormal behavior. The animals can suck anything which remotely looks like a nipple. The object may range from a human finger to clothing. If your cat suckles, do not try too much to deter it from this behavior. While kittens suckling from their mother for nourishment are normal, adult cats doing the same on objects, fabrics or even people certainly aren't. If you notice your furry buddy is suckling on things he shouldn't, you may want to discourage this behavior or consult your vet about it.

Jun 01,  · First time for Kanela being a instict says that she has to feed everyone in the cat even if it is old enough to take care of hi. Adult cat suckling? (22 Posts) Add message | Report. JustBoppinAlong Thu Jun I'm not sure if this is a common thing. Or if it's something I can 'stop'. Or if it's mean to stop it. Basically my 3 year old female cat will come and find me and try to 'suckle' on my t shirt or jumper. The more fluffy the better.