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We’re a community of active adults working to form the first 55+ cohousing community in New England. We range in age from our 50’s to early 80’s, with most of us in our 60’s. We are divorced, widowed, and married. Most of us have adult . CohoUS is a non-profit that supports cohousing: community with private homes and shared resources that increases connection, social capital, and sustainable living. Friends and Neighbors Adult .

Oct 07,  · Cohousing is available for communities with individuals of all ages. However, a senior cohousing community only permits residents who are over a certain age, such as . The Cohousing Association of America.

Jan 05,  · What is cohousing? Cohousing is community designed to foster connection. Physical spaces allow neighbors to easily interact with others just outside private homes. . Welcome to Elderberry Cohousing! Situated in a beautiful rural setting, we are an adult cohousing community and creative alternative​​ to urban living. We are north of Durham and .