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s – a Boy’s Experience of Corporal Punishment: School & College Punishments: Rural School Discipline: School & College Punishments: A Family Visit: Other Punishments: The Well Spanked Wife: Other Punishments: A Birthday Spanking: Other Punishments: A question for girls who were slippered: Adverts: Punished by mother – memories of the. Jan 28,  · In the late 19th century, the Waukesha Industrial School for boys in Wisconsin had its own sort of corporal punishment. Boys who were in need of punishment were made to wear a wooden barrel. According to a newspaper article published in , one end of a molasses barrel would be removed and in the other end a large hole was cut into it.

A serious crime committed a serious punishment to be administered. A gasp and then the sucking of air through his teeth as he bites down to help endure the pain. The first stoke always feels the worst with no warm up the pain shocks the body the thud the followed by a wash of pain as body accepts and absorbs the impact. Corporal punishment on the posterior was not forbidden by the rules in force at the school, though the managers strangely enough did not appear to know that it was in the power of the Superintendent to inflict it. I think Dr. Norris was perfectly right to adopt the course he decided to take, and but for his prompt action the state of affairs.

* Corporal punishment in the form of spanking and paddling * Detention * Removal of privileges * Suspension. Section 1. Corporal punishment § 1. Corporal punishment is to be carried out for all major crimes and misbehaviour comitted in the school § 2. Corporal punishment is to be carried out by any teacher for children in the years 1 and 2.