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Dec 02,  · A personal philosophy for Adult Education is very important to have written down. Your personal philosophy is what guides the way you create and present in every aspect of your work. If you don’t have a road map, you may not wind up where you want to be. It’s important to check in with your philosophy, to remind yourself why you are doing. My philosophy of adult education is, in fact, “childlike,” in that I insist on the potentials of learning to be just as expansive for all. As noted, there are practical reasons why many adults pursue education, but these are by no means obstacles to the greater learning then available.

personal philosophy of education and to compare it with prevailing philosophies in the field of adult education. The PAEI is self‐administered, self‐scored, and self‐interpreted. Adult Learning Methods, , , with Corrections edited by Michael W. Gailbraith. File Size: KB. Of the five adult education philosophies, the one which best describes an educator with a teaching philosophy based on self-directed learning is the humanistic philoso- phy.

Adult education has the important general purpose to discover and present to the adult the opportunity to advance as a maturing individual. This philosophy points toward the use of adult education for the development of free, creative, and responsible persons in order to . Nov 26,  · Zinn’s philosophy of adult education Inventory (PAEI) is based on five philosophical tenets. It is an assessment tool developed to help educators identify their personal philosophy. There is no right or wrong educational philosophy; rather, the inventory tool is designed to mirror some of the participant’s beliefs.

My personal philosophy of adult education is formulated to cultivate adult learners who can realize the aforementioned benefits of education. A key purpose of adult education is to enable adult learners to maximize their full potential.