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Bakemonogatari - Naruto's POV-Bakemonogatari- Third person view. "Bakemonogatari"-Dialogue delivery. 'Bakemonogatari'-Thought delivery. Time of Update: Saturday, June Current amount of words: 5,+ Total,+ Edited: Thursday, July 27 [Fixed Minor Errors, Removed few Words]. Yo! For those of you wondering just what I'm doing writing a Bakemonogatari X Medaka Box Crossover, and not working on your rightfully deserved In Flight, well, it's a bit of a story. I mentioned before that chapters for In Flight were going to be delayed, even sporadic due to an internship in Japan.

Disclaimer: GrimGrave does not own the characters of the Monogatari series; Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari and all their characters belong to the light novelist NisioIsin. GrimGrave does not earn money from writing fan fiction. Yurimonogatari: Fire Sister, Rainy Devil. Bakemonogatari part 1,the very first part of monogatari series. The story continues with the protagonist named koyomi araragi. He is a 3rd year student in naotsi high sc.

GrimGrave does not earn money from writing fan fiction. To celebrate Kizumonogatari coming out in Japan movie-theatres (January 8th) and Owarimonogatari season (October 3rd) here's a short piece featuring my favourite couple in the series. Enjoy! Thanks to Supreme Distraction for proof-reading this! X.x.X.x.X. The Story That Came to an End. Kumagawa's old 'All Fiction' could reshape reality to unmake events. Limiting peoples abilities, turning reactions on or off, redirecting all force, turning into liquid, catching bullets with tongues, hiding a hundred weapons in a school uniform; things which shouldn't be humanly possible happening with ease.

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