adult breast feeding - adult feeding cups


adult feeding cups - adult breast feeding

Feeding cups feature long spouts and a spill-proof design that’s convenient for infants to adults. Those with limited head and neck movement can try extra long drinking straws for flexible, hands-free drinking. No matter the situation, adults and children with special needs can find adapted cups and drinking aids perfect for them. Feeding and Eating aids including adult bibs, scoop plates, food bumpers, plate guards, weighted utensils, adapted silverware, tableware, cups, mugs and more. Dining aids help make caring for the disabled or handicapped easier.

Cups with two handles allow the weight of the cup to be shared between both hands, which help lift and stabilize the cup more easily. A large hook-style handle is easy to use for those who are unable to pinch a small handle, or grip around a cup. The hook fits over the .