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adult learner roles - Teen Brooke Wylde Role Play with Older Guy

Sep 28,  · By University Staff Adult learners are balancing many roles in their busy lives. Some juggle logistical concerns and balance school, career, family, time, schedules and social commitments (Wynne). Even though many have already accumulated a wide range of educational and work experiences; they still have an adjustment period. Oct 23,  · The top priority for adult learners is finding programs that will be relevant to their chosen careers. In a study by Public Agenda and The Kresge Foundation, slightly more surveyed adults said a bachelor’s degree is a good investment (57%) than said the same about an associate degree or certificate (47%). A third speculated that an associate degree or .

Adult learners’ palette of life experience is colored with older age, full-time employment, and the roles of spouse and parent (Villela and Hu, ). The combinations of life experience and fam- ily configurations are as plentiful and extraordinary as the number of adults themselves.