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adult sims 2 objects - The luckiest Lonely Man (Sims 2)

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Jan 21,  · there is a web sight called sexy sims 2 it has both sims 2 and sims 3 mods the sims 2 mods are not greatest but they work ok you need to be a member of the sight to see the mods and down load them it is worth the effort to become a member of the web sight however because the mods for the most part are pretty good I recommend the sex rug the chairs are harder to load in but fun and the . 2 tiled windows BASE: Windows: 2 tiled windows Re-colors: Rainbow glass window: Windows: Gates with beware of dog signs: Gates: Wall screens 4 gapped: Fences: Wall screens 2 gapped: Fences: Staff only door: Doors: Private door: Doors: Download: Name/Description: Version: Category: Shop wall signs: Street: Shop display signs pack: Misc: Rug re-colors pack: Rugs: Vase re-colors: Sculptures.

For PC: My documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads. For Mac: Users/"name of your folder"/Documents/EA GAmes/the Sims 2/Downloads/. Create a folder "Downloads" if you have any. You can also create a sub-folder to store your objects, for example: My documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads/Objects. Sex picnic blankets (Sims will sit on it nude and eat and can also have sex on them) Entertainment: Strip poker (Sims can play a game of poker and the loser strips naked) Knowledge: Adult dresser: Wardrobe: Mystic pyramid (It will give you a riddle and if you fail to solve it you get insulted and swore at) Other: Punch-A-doodle: Other: Novelty dildo lamp.