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umbilical cord infection in adults. A year-old female asked: my baby's umbilical cord has dried blood around it and looks grayish and fleshy underneath. is this an infection? it has a slight odor. Dr. Martin Raff answered. 56 years experience Infectious Disease. Umbilical dermatitis is a common condition, with infection common in adults. It is usually associated with inadequate hygiene and deepening of umbilical cord caused by obesity. The condition is really a dermatitis and analogous to intertrigo that .

umbilical infection in adults. A year-old female asked: i have pain on my umbilical region with pus drainage but no signs of infection so far. what can be the reason? Dr. Tony Ho answered. 14 years experience Infectious Disease. Pus?: Pus drainage would be a sign of infection. I would see a doctor urgently. Oct 30,  · Bacterial infections cause a discharge that has a disturbing smell to it. The discharge may be off-yellow or green in color and will often cause swelling and pain. A fungal infection or yeast.

May 20,  · Omphalitis is an infection of the umbilical stump. [ 1] I It typically presents as a superficial cellulitis that can spread to involve the entire abdominal wall and may progress to .