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Scout BSA Update On February 1, , the Boy Scouts of America began welcoming girls into Scouts followed on the heels of nearly 78, . Rank Advancement These ranks (Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit) serve as benchmarks along a Venturer’s journey. They follow the Venturing ALPS program model, which provides a framework for a dynamic program of Adventure, Leadership, Personal growth, and Service. They are designed to work with crews of any specialization. LEARN MORE Specialty .

A cat in northeast Arkansas immediately regretted venturing out into the snow on Monday, February Travis Senter filmed this footage of Franklin the cat clinging to the door while trying to avoid the snow in Wilson. Senter said the two-year-old cat went outside for “about 25 seconds” before the feline decided against its wintry scunt.xyzatures in the region were . These activities for more experienced youth are planned and implemented by youth members with coaching from their adult leaders. Venturing Camping. Venturing camping can include high-adventure activities, such as scuba diving, water skiing, rock climbing/rappelling, caving, horseback riding, and more, but can also include many avocation/hobby. is a free place to host your Cub Scout Pack, Girl Scout Troop, Boy Scout Troop or Venturing Crew website. As a member, you will have access to tools that will help you create your website, plan and organize events, share photos, . Venturing beyond our range of levitating products, ARC is FLYTE’s first designer LED light bulb, inspired by Nordic design and crafted with minimalist precision. Unlike most LED filaments, the light-guide spreads the light, forming different intensities - like a fire keeping us warm at night during the cold.

Jan 26,  · Venturing out on the ice: The DNR does not recommend taking a car or truck out onto the ice at any time. — Never venture out alone without telling a responsible adult . Venturing and Sea Scouts; Adult Award - BSA Distinguished Conservationist; Organization - BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Certificate; NOTE: The BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Bronze and Silver Honors replace the William T Hornaday Bronze and Silver Medals which were retired on October 12, These options are being made.