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Vojta Therapy According to Vojta, reflex locomotion is activated from the three main positions: prone, supine and side lying. To stimulate the patterns of movement, there are—as described by Vojta—ten available zones on the body and on the arms and legs. The Vojta Priciple – It's application The application of the Vojta Principle in the early treatment of babies and in the rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults. Course in “Applied developmental kinesiology for babies, children, adolescents and adults with movement disorders”. Vojta courses in english.

Vojta Therapy in Adulthood In adults with acquired impairments that handicap the peripheral and central nervous regulation of movement, Vojta Therapy can be used even in the acute phase of illness, i.e. very early, as well as in the subsequent rehabilitation. Use of reflex creeping in adults. Mar 23,  · Healthy adult population with no history of neurological disease or others that may affect the test. Age between 18 and 50 years. Not having addiction to alcohol or drugs at the time of the study. Not knowing the basics of Vojta Therapy, or knowing the responses of stimuli when applying therapy.