Naugthy Girl need a good Spanking with the Hairbrush (Part2) - adults women need a good spanking


adults women need a good spanking - Naugthy Girl need a good Spanking with the Hairbrush (Part2)

Jessica asks for punishment for herself. Only version - What Kind Of Spanking Do I Deserve? 10 Questions - Developed by: Eminem Lover - Developed on: - 33, taken - 46 people like it Been a bad boy or girl, have you?

The cover of Newsweek Magazine shows a woman wearing a blind fold. It shouts the news that spankings have gone “main steam” and working woman have hot . Chances are, she wants you to as well, namely in the form of spanking. A quick word to the wise: never spank blindly. Always ask your partner if she does in fact want her tush slapped. Not only.

Spanking can be used as a form of foreplay or it can be a stand-alone event. I have found that spanking during coitus can bring on the most powerful orgasms, I am talking serious full-body-holy-crap-orgasms that you will be talking about for weeks. The buzz-word is 'intense'. Seems the more I chat with women the more diverse answers I get. Thinking about my own sometimes rowdy, and sometimes tender, sex life, I had to smile at the irony of a spanking.

“Lady spanking is a manifestation of the infantilization of women,” Lisa Wade, a professor of sociology wrote in the post that accompanied the images. “The idea that they are not men’s equals, but are expected to obey them as subordinates and . It is a fact commonly known that the closer a straight man can get to a vagina, the better. In the spanking position, there is a vagina on or near one leg .