Adult Breastfeeding Compilation 1 - crate training adult greyhounds


crate training adult greyhounds - Adult Breastfeeding Compilation 1

Jul 02,  · Get Your Dog used to the Crate In the beginning the best idea is to leave a crate open, with one of your dogs blanket or beds inside it, and a few treats. You can place the crate in your living area and they can explore while you cook or relax and check out the latest AFL betting odds, so they still feel like part of the family. A crate should always be large enough to permit any age dog to stretch out flat on his side without being cramped and to sit up without hitting his head on the top. While the adult size of a pure bred puppy is fairly easy to predict, that of a mixed breed must be estimated based on general breed/body type and puppy size at a given age.

Crate training your greyhound is a great way to ensure a smooth transition from a kennel environment into a home. A crate gives your greyhound its own space in an unfamiliar house, helps with toileting, cat training, child safety and also protects your home from any mischief a new greyhound could get up to. Size of Crate The crate should be large enough for the dog to stand, sit, and lie down without hitting the top or edges. It is better to have a crate a little too large than too small. Place a soft blanket or dog bed inside for your dog's comfort and warmth.